12 - LPA's Bonanza - this Rocket is fun to ride in!.jpgDo you need –
Groceries in three days?
Building supplies tomorrow morning?
A birthday cake flown to your village this evening?
Or an oil rig drill part right now!?

Well, give us a call because Lake and Pen Air offers these kinds of expediting services. We’re happy to help whether you’re able to plan ahead, or have a last minute emergency.

How it works… You let us know what you need and what store(s) you want it from. We go shopping for you, and let you know the receipt total. You pay LPA the receipt total +20% of the receipt total +$25 per store +freight shipping charges. We bring you your items! You’re thrilled!

Want to arrange some expediting?
Email: lakeandpenair@gmail.com
Call: Port Alsworth 907-781-2228  or  Anchorage 907-345-2228