Frequent Flier Rewards

Fly with LPA and earn rewards!!

You can receive rewards for seat fares, charters, and freight! Ask an LPA staff member next time you’re in the office for a punch card! Accumulate 5 punches and receive 50lbs of free freight OR wait until you have 10 punches and redeem them for a free OW flight!

Terms and Conditions apply:

1. Cancellation of services
LPA may cancel this service at any time without warning.  Under normal circumstances customers may be given prior notice, of undetermined length, to redeem rewards before cancellation of the program.
2. Rewards
a) Account Maintenance
Each customer is responsible redeeming rewards in a timely manner.
b) Value
Rewards do not have cash value or equivalent.  Rewards may only be redeemed if the respective customer has a zero ($0) balance on their current LPA account.
c) Rewards Card Activity
Each rewards member will be given one (1) rewards card.  One (1) stamp may be acquired per paid one way (OW) ticket originating from or terminating at an LPA office, to be redeemed by one (1) customer only on the day of flight by asking LPA staff members, who will reward stamp after checking the customer in for their flight and checking their balance. Each customer is responsible for seeking out LPA staff members to acquire a stamp, no compensation will be given for missed stamps. Parents or guardians flying with children between the  ages of 2 and 13 may redeem additional stamps, other than their own. Lap infants are not eligible for a stamp. Children over the age of 13 must have their own rewards card to acquire rewards.  Passengers over the age of 13 may not designate stamps to anyone else’s rewards card. Stamps may be acquired if the customer has a balance on their current LPA account, so long as they have paid IN FULL the balance of the ticket for which they are acquiring the stamp and have a payment plan in place for any past balance due.
d) Freight Rewards
Each rewards member may acquire a stamp on their rewards card by sending 300+lbs of freight at one time with LPA. Freight must be paid in full for stamp to be redeemed. Free 50lbs of luggage for passenger flights may not be included in the 300+lbs total. (ex. Pax checks in for a flight with 300lbs of freight, 50lbs flies free, so total freight is 250lbs. Pax acquires 1 stamp for flight, no stamp for freight. ex2. Pax checks in for a flight with 350lbs of freight, 50lbs flies free, so total freight is 300lbs. Pax PAYS for freight and flight and acquires 2 stamps, one for flight and one for freight)
e) Monthly Payments
If a passenger consistently pays their bills monthly, they are still eligible for rewards though they don’t pay for their flights or freight the day of. In this case, LPA staff members will write on the back of the rewards card “Pays Monthly” with the date and their initials. Stamps are acquired at the same rate for monthly paying customers as for all other customers.
f) Rescheduling/Rerouting
In the event that a flight has to be re-routed due to weather or mechanical issues and a customer who has acquired a stamp does not arrive at their intended destination on the day they were booked they may not acquire an additional stamp for the re-scheduled flight.
g) Charters
If a passenger on a charter that is being paid for by a(n), individual, business, company or corporation has a rewards card, each passenger may acquire a stamp for a maximum of two (2) OW legs for said charter. Stamps are not awarded on a stop-by-stop basis.
h) Receiving Stamps
Passengers must seek out staff in the LPA office of their originating flight (if originating in MRI, PTA, or ILI), or the office of their terminating flight for all other villages, to acquire their stamp.
i) Rewards Card Redemption
There are three (3) options for redeeming rewards cards:
1. Each rewards card has a 10 stamp capacity.  Once a rewards card is full, the rewards card member can turn in the rewards card for one (1) free OW ticket between any of the frequently flown locations that LPA has seat fare prices at the time of redemption. The value of the reward is variable and the villages which LPA offers seat fares is subject to change without warning. If redeeming a OW through LPA, it is preferred that passengers indicate at the time of booking that they intend to redeem a rewards card.  The 10th leg must be flown before booking in order to redeem a rewards card.  
2. A ten stamp rewards card may alternately be redeemed for ten thousand (10,000) Alaska Airlines Miles.  LPA is in no way affiliated with Alaska Airlines or it’s Mileage program. Customers must have an active Alaska Airlines Mileage account in order to redeem transferred miles from LPA.  To claim the Alaska Airlines Miles a customer must call or email one of LPA’s offices to communicate preference and pass along contact information so that LPA has the relevant information to transfer Miles.  
3. A rewards card may be alternately redeemed with only 5 stamps completed for 100lbs of free freight. The rewards card will be turned in to a staff member, and the card will be marked as used. The card may not be used for a free OW or 10,000 miles redemption if it has been redeemed for 100lbs of free freight. If a rewards card member opts to redeem their 100lbs of free freight with 6-9 stamps on their card, they forfeit the excess stamps and will be given a new rewards card to begin accumulating rewards from 0 again.
A customer may allow another passenger to redeem their rewards card, for any reward option, if both customers have a zero (0) balance on their LPA account and the rewards card member with the completed rewards card turns in their completed rewards card to the MRI, PTA, or ILI office and gives verbal or written assent to the alternate redemption of the card.  
An LPA staff member will mark the redeemed card, whether 5 stamps or 10 stamps have been redeemed, as used.  Completed rewards cards may only be redeemed one (1) time and must be used within one year of completion of the 10th stamp.  Customers will be given a new rewards card at the time of redemption to start accumulating more rewards. .
j) Lost or Damaged Cards
Lost rewards card values may not be replaced. Damaged rewards cards may be replaced if the rewards card is presented to an LPA employee and the value on the damaged card is legible. In the case of a lost or damaged rewards card that is illegible, a new blank rewards card will be issued to the passenger for use in redeeming rewards for future transactions.