Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of wheel equipped aircraft, each of which must undergo extensive inspections by the FAA and adhere to strict 100-hour & annual maintenance schedules and repair procedures performed by FAA certified mechanics, under Part 135 operations.

The work history and flying experience of each pilot must also meet Part 135 requirements, which includes an FAA approved drug & alcohol testing program, development of an air carrier training program, preparation of a flight operations manual, development of a hazmat program for handling hazardous materials, and a requirement to register and show proof of insurance.

What does all this mean exactly? It means that our fleet is held to an extremely high safety standard.

Cessna Caravans

_D4_0193 2.jpg

Ideal for moving large groups of people, or for hauling large freight. With three on our fleet, they’re ready to meet your needs!

Passenger Capacity: 9

Payload Capacity: 2500 pounds

Beech Craft Bonanza

12 - LPA's Bonanza - this Rocket is fun to ride in!

A smaller, faster aircraft, our Bonanza is perfect for small groups in a hurry.

Passenger Capacity: 4

Payload Capacity: 800 pounds

 Cessna 206

206 2.jpg

This is our workhorse, capable of landing on short runways and beaches. Get out and adventure!

Passenger Capacity: 5

Payload Capacity: 800 pounds

Piper Super Cub

10 - Lyle Wilder in his supercub at the Sourdough Fly-In.

We also operate a Piper Super Cub, perfect for off runway bush landings. This aircraft is great for shuttling to some of those harder to reach places.

Passenger Capacity: 1

Payload Capacity: 500 pounds

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Call: Port Alsworth: 907-781-2228  OR  Anchorage: 907-345-2228