Lake & Peninsula Airlines

The Lake & Peninsula Story

Lake and Peninsula Airlines has always been an Alaska family-owned and -operated company. Lake and Peninsula was started by Dave and Jacque Wilder and is now owned by their son, Lyle, and his wife, Heidi.

Dave began flying at age 20 and has been a commercial pilot since 1969, logging 45,000+ hours. Though he was raised on the south side of Chicago, he says life didn’t start until he moved to Alaska at age 21. Jacque was born and raised by homesteader parents in Pile Bay in bush Alaska. With her office skills and Dave’s knowledge of Alaskan terrain, they created Lake and Peninsula Airlines in 1992.

Lyle has been flying since he was a teen. He
attended college at Moody Aviation in Tennessee
and became LPA’s second pilot in 2002. He met
Heidi while she was teaching at the school in Port
Alsworth; they married in 2008 and took over LPA in
2016. Heidi is a former firefighter from Montana and
the founder of the Port Alsworth Women’s Gun Club.
She and Lyle have three kids, Bones, Maggie, and

Lyle and Heidi are continuing Dave and Jacque’s
legacy of integrity, generosity, service, and safety.

The Lake & Peninsula Team

Lyle Wilder / Owner & Pilot
Heidi Wilder / Owner & Office
Levi Wilder / Pilot
Josh Blom / Pilot
Breanna Wilder / Anchorage Office
Gloria Alsworth / Anchorage Office
Dana Natwick / Port Alsworth Office
Kacy Lou Leyba / Port Alsworth Office
Katie Burrows
Katie Burrows / Port Alsworth Office
Ellah Wardell / Port Alsworth Office
Megan Rowland / Port Alsworth Office
Jared Drinkwater / Mechanic
Annika Schmatjen / Anchorage Office
Hope Swanson / Anchorage Office
Jon Ludwig / Iliamna Office
Rachel Richardson / Anchorage Office
Jake Keith / Mechanic
Jacob Williams / Pilot
Callen Davis / Pilot
Nicholas Zito / Pilot
Barry McFarlane / Pilot
Hunter Keffalos / Pilot
Dustin Ruckman / Maintenance
Jesse Markiss / Maintenance Foreman
Aiyana Lorentzen / Port Alsworth Office
Ashley Widmark / Port Alsworth Office
Hosannah Valentine / Anchorage Office
Elisabeth Ludwig / Iliamna Office
Stephanie Barthelman / Iliamna Office
Shadow Brock / Port Alsworth Office
Alyssa Olsen / Anchorage Office
Nyssa Prokopiof-Tallekpalek / Anchorage Office
"Jimbo" Gonion / Mechanic
Corbyn Ziegler / Anchorage Office
Linnaea Davis / Port Alsworth Office