Lake & Peninsula Airlines



Regular Luggage and Freight:

Each seat fare includes 50 pounds of luggage. This can be in any combination of bags, packages, groceries, etc. We do not allow carry-ons, though you may take a small purse, camera, or water bottle with you. Excess freight is billed by the pound and will be shipped out space-available, though we will do our best to send passengers’ freight with them. Customers must declare hazmat, weapons, drugs, and alcohol.

Other Cargo:

Alcohol: We do not ship hard alcohol for individuals, but will ship beer, wine, or other low-percentage beverages, up to 30# per household, per day. We will not hold alcohol at our office for future shipments. All shipments of alcohol must be paid for by the recipient; additionally, the designated recipient must be available to pick up the shipment – we won’t leave alcohol on the runway or deliver to a separate party. Alcohol ships at a higher price per pound than regular freight.

Marijuana: We will not fly marijuana in any amount or form. While marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in the state of Alaska, it is currently illegal at the federal level and is thus banned for air transport by the FAA.

Animals: We have flat rates for animals based on size and require that animals be able to be kenneled for the flight, including registered service animals. We have kennels available for rent if necessary.

Game: If we are transporting your dead game from the field to our Anchorage office, it should be properly dressed and bagged to help us keep our planes clean. Please arrange, or let us know how we can help you arrange, for a prompt pickup from our Anchorage office.

Bulk: Items in which the height plus length plus width add up to more than 90 inches will be billed at a higher rate than regular freight.

Dimensional Lumber: Dimensional lumber and similarly-shaped items (such as long pipes, metal rods, etc.), ship at a higher rate than regular freight.

Flat rates: We have flat rates for specific bulky items, including antlers, bicycles, four-wheelers, and snow machines.

Hazmat (Hazardous Material): We follow FAA and DOT hazmat guidelines for shipping and have an adjusted shipping rate for hazmat items.


Flights can be changed or cancelled at no cost up to 36 hours before your originally-scheduled check-in. Changes or cancellations occurring within the 36-hour window will be charged a 20% fee.  If you are the only passenger in a village and you do not show up for your flight, we may charge you the full fare.


If you cancel a flight that has been paid for in advance, we can provide a refund but there will be a 20% fee. Alternatively, you may choose to simply keep a credit on your account for the full amount of your flight (provided it wasn’t canceled within 36 hours of departure, in which case there would still be a 20% change fee deducted).


LPA is happy to offer a frequent flyer program to all of our loyal customers! Ask us for a stamp card and remind us to give you a stamp every time you fly with us, or if you pay for 300# of freight at one go. 10 stamps get you a free one-way trip and five stamps give you free shipping on 100# of freight; full cards may be used by anyone designated by the card owner. We do not provide stamps for past flights and customers must have no past-due with us to receive a stamp. All customers over the age of 13 must have their own card; stamps for children under 13 years of age will be given as directed by their parent or guardian. It is the customer’s responsibility to request their card be stamped each time they fly.


Acceptable forms of payment include cash, money orders, credit or debit cards, and business checks (no personal checks). Flights must be paid for before you fly. Occasionally, we accept checks made out to the customer; it must be signed in front of an LPA employee and there is an additional $25 check-cashing fee added to the customer’s balance. We cannot provide change if the check amount exceeds the balance owed; any amount in excess of the customer’s balance will be added as a credit on file.


LPA has limited parking available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Vehicles left overnight or longer will be charged a small daily fee. Additionally, we will ask you to fill out a form, hang a parking tag from your mirror, and leave your keys with us. Vehicles left in the parking lot that have not been properly checked in may be towed at the owner’s expense.


LPA strives to provide competent, friendly, and equitable service to all who come through our doors, as well as maintaining a welcoming and family-friendly environment. We expect our customers to treat each other and our employees with respect. We do not allow alcohol consumption on our flights and reserve the right to refuse to fly anyone who appears intoxicated in any way.