Lake & Peninsula Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your summer office hours?

Anchorage office: 7 days a week 8am – 6pm

Port Alsworth office: 7 days a week 8am – 6pm

Iliamna office: Staffed on demand. Feel free to reach us at the Iliamna cell phone (907-764-2667) between flights.

How late does LPA accept freight?

LPA accepts freight seven days a week in the summer from 8:00am to 5:30pm. 

How can I pay for my flight?

LPA accepts credit cards, cash, money orders, and business checks. Flights must be paid for in full before you fly. Checks and money orders must be made out to Lake and Pen Air.

When do I need to check in for my flight?

One hour prior to take off. This gives the LPA staff time to weigh and mark all your items and get them loaded on the airplane. If you arrive late, your freight may not be on the flight with you and would be sent space-available on later flights.

What is your change and cancellation policy?

You may change or cancel your reservation at no charge up to 36 hours before your flight. Any changes or cancellations made within 36 hours of your originally-scheduled departure will be charged a 20% fee.

Can I get a refund if I cancel after paying?

We can provide a refund; however, there is a 20% fee for credit card refunds. Another option is to keep the payment on your account as a credit to be used on future flights or freight deliveries.

Is LPA located at the main airport?

LPA is located at Merrill Field, across town from the main airport. It is approximately 20-30 minutes away from the airport, depending on traffic. Anchorage has multiple taxi services, as well as Uber, for travel around town.

Does LPA have parking?

LPA has limited parking, for a small fee, that is first-come, first-serve. If you would like to park a car during your trip, we recommend calling ahead to check availability and being prepared to find an alternative to using LPA’s parking lot.

Will my flight be direct?

Most of our flights will be dropping people off and picking people up at several villages in the same region as your destination. Most of these stops are less than 10 minutes and you will not need to exit the plane or change planes. Usually, the exact routing of your flight will be determined by your pilot on the day you fly and depends on a variety of factors, including weather, freight load, and other passengers.

Will my luggage go on the same flight as me?

Each seatfare includes 50 pounds of luggage and we strive to keep our passengers and their freight on the same flight. If your luggage exceeds 50 pounds, we will try to send it on the flight with you but cannot guarantee it. If any of your luggage is unable to make it on the same flight, we will consult you about what is priority for you and send the remaining items space-available on later flights.  

Does LPA have a cargo service?

LPA will fly most things we can fit in the plane! We regularly fly household items and groceries to residents of our regular village stops. However, if your destination is outside of our normal routes, or your cargo requires a whole plane, you can book a charter with us. Please see our freight policies for more information, or email us with specific questions.

Can I bring chilled and frozen foods?

Yes! LPA has a fridge and freezer to hold your food before your flight. If you have in excess of 50 pounds of frozen or chilled items, we do suggest you call in advance to check on available fridge/freezer space.

Can my kids fly without me?

Yes! Children 5 and over can fly unaccompanied with LPA. Their seat fare will be at the adult rate.

What happens if LPA cancels my flight?

Our pilots keep a careful eye on the weather and check it before every flight. Usually we are able to just delay flights for a bit while weather clears up – in which case you can relax in our waiting area. If your flight is totally cancelled we will rebook you on the next available flight – at no charge to you. LPA does not offer hotel, car, or restaurant vouchers for cancelled flights.

What happens if there’s bad weather and we have to turn around?

This is rare because we keep a careful watch on the weather. However, weather is unpredictable and can change quickly so turning around happens from time to time. In most cases we return to the departure city and wait until weather improves. See above question and answer for cancellation information.

What is hazmat?

Any item or chemical which, when being transported or moved, has the potential to cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment, either by itself or through interaction with other factors. Examples are: batteries, propane bottles, camp stove fuel, and bear spray. LPA carries most hazmat materials but they are subject to the rules and may or may not be allowed on flights with passengers. Please let us know as soon as possible if your freight will include hazmat so we can make arrangements to get it to your destination.

I need my camp stove fuel but it’s hazmat. Now what?

LPA has a small supply of camp stove oil in Port Alsworth, so we can trade! We’ll keep your can of stove oil in Anchorage and give you one of ours once you land in Port Alsworth.

What if I get air sick?

Check the seat back pocket in front of you for a sick-sack. We really appreciate when our passengers use them!

Still have questions?

Give us a call or email. You can find our contact info here.